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Account Activity Report
Detail of activity on a account or range of accounts

Budget Balance Report
Budget of Accounts, including current Balance and Disbursed

Open PO Report
Open PO's by account, or by Requisition Number. (Includes Rejected Req Listing)

Department Payment Report
Payment listing for all department PO's & Accounts, Includes Totals By Contract,Vendor or Ship Location

Vendor Detail for Date Range
Transactions for vendor(s) over date range. (filter by contract, Project, fund and commodity code)

Paid By Month/Qtr
Shows a break down by month or Qtr of what was paid out of each account.

Commodity Code Report
Shows Ordered or Paid for a Commodity Code or totals for all codes

Project Code Report
Shows Ordered or Paid for a Project Code or totals for all codes

Custom Account Based Report
Create a Custom Report by picking the information you want

Other Installed Reports
Custom/Requested reports created by MSI

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